Feeling better!

Today, I feel better and almost normal!

Blinking of my right eye lids does not cause pain.  The swelling is decreasing and the redness is disappearing.  I was afraid the redness was turning into an infection.  My fear was MRSA.  Small amount of drainage from wound but it is not green or pussey.

I plan on keeping a band aid over the sutures on my thigh.  If I move the wrong way the band-aid seems to keep the sutures from pulling.  I learned this the hard way.  Yesterday while at work I moved my leg wrong and felt a ripping tear. I ripped my sutures, I thought!  I quickly went to the restroom to heck and the 3 sutures were intact and nothing looked torn or wrong.  Band-aids were placed over the inscion  once again.

Next step tomorrow….the pathology results and decsions to make!


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