Yesterday’s Work!

One incision approx. 4″ long.  Internal sutures and external running suture. 

After an exhausting day, I went to bed hoping for a good nights sleep. I thought if I just kept my leg flat with no movement I would be able to doze off.  Boy, was I wrong!  Leg flat, turned to the side, bent at the knee, knee on pillow…nothing worked.  The incision would start to pull, then the pain would increase.  A lot of tossing and turning for many hours.  The more tired I became the more my leg hurt.  When morning finally came and I decided to give up on sleeping. Walking slowly across my bedroom looking at Randy, first words out of my mouth, ” I am going to complain!”. 

Today, dressing removed and wound cleaned.  blood is still oozing from the center of the cut.  I applied another pressure dressing and will reevaluate later today!


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