Incubation Time!

Today, I start my PDT ( photodynamic therapy) for my many actinic keratosis, pre basal cell and superficial basal cells.  I goggled ( yes, I am the queen of googling) treatments for skin cancer I kept seeing the words, light therapy and photo therapy.  I continued goggling and reading trying to learn as much information as I could to help make an informed decision.
A few dermatology visits ago, I spoke with my dermatologist regarding my being a candidate for this treatment.  He and I spoke of the pros and cons.  Biggest con…I must hibernate indoors with minimal light for 72 hrs.  Biggest pro….no cutting!  I can live with both!!!!  So appointment scheduled!!
I arrive at 8am sharp!  Bag of goodies, entertainment( iPhone, iPad, charger) and wide brimmed hat & extra clothing in hand.  I feel more relaxed then nervous.  The nervousness is because, I never having this treatment, am not sure what my healing time will entail.  Relaxed because today is another step and another day towards treatment & recovery.
The nurse and I decide which areas of my body will be treated today.  At first I was going to treat just my chest and treat other areas in future.  But further thoughts made me decide to treat chest, arms, and legs in one visit.
The cream Metvixia, is applied to all the many red spots.  Laughing I tell the nurse, that isn’t the cream I had read about, but will goggle later to learn about it.  Next Glad Wrap is placed over each area to help with the incubation period.
2 1/2 hrs to incubate!  That’s why I came prepared with my bag of stuff!  I am in a plain room.  No windows!  One large recliner placed in the middle of floor.  Too far from the electric outlet for my charger to reach.  So here I am in my flimsy hospital gown, plastic wrap clinging to my skin pushing the heavy chair closer to the wall.
Sitting and waiting isn’t easy to do!  Even though I have my entertainment I am antsy!  Been to the bathroom already.  Walking the long hallway, plastic wrap crinkling, gown flapping and me trying to stay covered!

Nurse has come to room 3 times already to see how I am coping.  All plastic intact covering the appropriate skin areas.  Small tingling on some of the red areas but hardly noticeable.  The red areas are becoming redder which is to be expected.

One more hour to incubate then ” It’s Light Time”!!!!


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