Red Light Therapy

Time for the lights. The nurse removes all the plastic wrap from  my body. Some red areas are redder than others.  She tells me my body will be done in sections using the light.  I remain in the recliner sitting upright close to the front edge of the chair.The light machine is placed 2 inches directly in front of my chest  She hands me eye goggles and helps me fit them to my face.  She asks if I am ready?  I want to ask, ready for what, but stay silent.  The machine is turned on….she says she will be back in 10 minutes.  I immediately think, 10 minutes and I am not comfortable!  Right away I start to feel stinging to my chest.  It feels like a rubber band stinging me but the sting does not stop!  I try to visualize cancer cells dying with each sharp sting!  10 minutes is a long time to sit in one position especially when it’s not comfortable.  I survive the first round!   5 more rounds ending with my left leg concentrating behind my knee.  This time it hurts like a hell!  I am either tired pr this really hurts!  The nurse applies sun screen to each area, gives me my aftercare instructions and sets up next apt. for 6 weeks.

I redress….long sleeve workout jacket zippered up to the neck and long pants.  I can’t chance the sun on my skin.  I am now photo sensitive and will burn within minutes.  Time to head home to my already darkened house.  Living like a vampire for 72 hrs.


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