Morning after…

My eyes slowly opened in the darkened room.  Is it morning?  No sense of time with the room being so dark from all the window shades down but looking at my clock it is 6:48am.  I managed to sleep for 8 hours!  Non interrupted sleep!!! A Miracle has taken place!!!!

Last night, feeling very tired, I decided to medicate myself so I would sleep or at possible get some sleep. I figured Motrin 800mg,Tylenol w/ Codeine and a Lunesta (going to chase the butterfly) would make a good combination helping with the pain, inflammation and insomnia.

Feeling so much better today!  Looking in the mirror I see the large red area on my chest is a lot smaller than yesterday.  The red blisters still intact.  Trying my best not to disturb the skin over the blisters.  Loose clothing that drapes my body helps not to aggravate the blisters


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