Habits Can Be Hard To Change

Summer is here! Blue skies, warm temperatures and great sunshine to be enjoyed. But this year, I am assessing my life style and doing my best to change life long habits of sun worshiping and tanning.

Honestly, staying out of the sun is not easy for me. I love the feel of the warm, hot sun on my skin. I do not like white/pale skin and have always thought a tan body, regardless of the size or shape, always looks better tan then being pale white.

I do not like wearing hats! Unfortunately, I have a large head and it has always been hard finding a hat that fits well. When I take the hat off my head I do not like what the hat has done to my hair. So I have to plan on wearing the hat for the whole day and never taking the hat off regardless of the situation or deal with creased, odd-looking hair. I have purchased a few large brimmed hats and am learning to put a hat on my head whenever I go outside. I even found a Jack Daniels cowboy hat that fits perfectly and looks so good!

Sunscreen is a product that has always been a love, hate issue for me. I either don’t like the scent or the feel of the lotion/spray on my skin. Through trial and error I have found a sunscreen that I love. Australian Gold spray gel, 30 spf. This sunscreen comes clear or bronzed. I have now used both and will continue to use them. It can be sprayed but it isn’t a fine spray. You will need to use your hand to spread across your skin. No oily feeling and smells like coconut. I keep a bottle in my bathroom along with my makeup and another bottle downstairs to help remind me to reapply during the day.

Also, I have started using Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Mist. Every few days I spray my body to give it a light tan glow. I follow the instructions on the can and havent had any problems with orange or streaking skin. Seeing some tan color on my skin is a big plus for me!

I will change! Luckily I have a strong, stubborn, determined personality and when I decide to do something I can usually make it happen.


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