Tomorrow, I return to work in the ER. I will work 3 days in a row, 12 hr shifts each day. The hard part will be when my alarm goes off at the early hour of 5am! And yes, I am looking forward to returning to work.

This past week has been very long and exhausting! A week full of pain and healing, emotionally and physically.  I am finally seeing progress to my healing skin. What was 2nd degree burned skin is now almost healed. Many of the red lesions are gone. Only a few scabbed areas remain.

To my fellow coworkers it is alright to ask me; how I am, what has been done and why! I decided to be open and not remain private about this skin cancer journey I am traveling. I hope my situation will help someone else make better decisions in their life regarding tanning and possible skin cancer!

To those who expressed positive thoughts, concerns and prayers …THANK YOU!



Maybe the lump that proved to be the dreaded basal cell cancer is now removed!  I hope so!  Today, the incision was reopened and more tissue removed by my dermatologist.  The prior 1 inch incision is now 4 inches in length.  More sutures, inside and on the outside to be removed in 10 days. Yes, I can remove them.  I am trusted by the doctor to know how to clip the threads and pull them out. But not too early not wanting the incision to re-open  Another biopsy will be done on the tissue that was removed to be sure all edges are free and clear of any cancer cells.  The phone call with the results will be in 1 week.
Lidocaine is such a wonderful drug!  I hate the intense  burning sensation as the medicine is injected slowly thru my skin.  Once the lidocaine has starting working, skin numb, I relax and breath!  I can’t imagine having my skin cut with out the skin being numb! 

Lidocaine, numbness, cutting, stitching and dressing…  Another day, another lump gone!  Maybe!